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Welcome to our new clan website!

Pain made to order is a new team planning on dishing out sweet sweet pain on any shooter we can get our hands on. No game is off limits, no other team is safe. If you want to have good, fun, and friendly competition stick with us. We are taking part in game battles as well as having in house competition to keep things interesting. Contact us if you think you dish out PAIN MADE TO ORDER!
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From Friday at 2 to Monday at 2 you will earn double xp on TC'S Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

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We are currently working on our ranking system. So if your wondering why you are the rank that you currently are soon we will be posting all of the ranks, what they entitle you to do, and how you advance to the next rank. Also, we are adding an achievements and awards section. The achievements and awards are handed out by the officers to members they fell deserve the achievement or medal. They can also be won by in house tournaments. Some of you have already won some. We will let you know as soon as the pages are done and its posted up. Be sure to check it out as it can affect your rank in the future. Good hunting.

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For a limited time uplay is offering the rooftops map for Guerilla mode for 10 uplay points instead of 50. If you havent unlocked the map yet be sure you get it while its discounted.

Something I did not know.
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If you take fire damage for any reason you can stop drop and roll to put it out.........spaz.

New Weapon Unlocked
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Want to unlock the Five-Seven pistol. Copy and paste the following code into the field at ghostreconnetwork.ubi and after its unlocked click transfer to game. The code is буря-2.

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